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The Guild is dedicated to increasing the mental health and well being of Utah's sexual and gender minority population. Part of this is helping LGBTQ individuals find and connect with similar others and access quality services.

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Guild Meetings

Guild meetings are open to all mental heath professionals and clinical students-in-training. We normally meet the 3rd Thursday of each month from 8:00 am to 9:30 am from September to May; no meetings are held from June to August. Each monthly gathering consists of 15 minutes of networking and business planning, followed by an hour and 15 minutes of educational training about LGBTQ, mental-health topics. These trainings are provided by Guild members or community specialists.

Unless otherwise noted, all meetings are held are conducted at the offices of Salt Lake County Division of Youth Services, 177 West Price Ave. (3610 S, just off West Temple), Salt Lake City.

CEUs have been approved by NASW for all in-service programs in our 2016-2017 series. This will allow 1 hour of CEUs for each monthly program, with the February and March programs being eligible for 2 hours of CEUs. One "member benefit" will be the availability of FREE CEUs for any of the monthly in-service programs for any Guild member who has paid voluntary dues. CEUs will be available for all other non-dues paying Guild members and non-Guild professionals who attend our in-service programs for a fee of $5/in-service program.

Free CEUs are just one of the benefits of Guild membership. Click here to join the Guild.

Click here for the list of 2017-18 topics, presenters, and locations
Click here for the list of 2016-17 topics, presenters, and locations
Click here for the list of 2015-16 topics, presenters, and locations
Click here for the list of 2014-15 topics, presenters, and locations
Click here for the list of 2013-14 topics, presenters, and locations
Click here for the list of 2012-13 topics, presenters, and locations
Click here for the list of 2011-12 topics, presenters, and locations
Click here for the list of 2010-11 topics, presenters, and locations
Click here for the list of 2009-10 topics, presenters, and locations
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What does it mean to be LGBTQ-affirming?

Affirmative therapy for LGBTQ individuals is based on the premise that LGBTQ and heterosexual identities are equally valid. An LGBTQ affirmative counselor has particular knowledge, awareness (specifically self-awareness), and skills specific to competent counseling for LGBTQ individuals. While maintaining a broad view of acceptable lifestyles, LGBTQ-affirmative therapy intervenes by challenging oppressive stereotypes and systems of thought, and celebrates and advocates for LGBTQ people and their relationships.*

The American Psychological Association (APA) has published the Guidelines for Psychotherapy with Lesbian, Gay, & Bisexual Clients. You can find a copy of the guidelines here.

Click here for guidelines created by the Association for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues In Counseling.

Click here for an excellent resource for mental health providers helping LGBTQ individuals resolve substance abuse.

Check out the American Psychological Association's Division 44, The Society for the Psychological Study of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Issues. This professional organization focuses on the diversity of human sexual orientations by supporting research, promoting relevant education, and affecting professional and public policy. Their website includes resources on Resolutions on Religious, Religion-Based and/or Religion-Derived Prejudice; Marriage; Military; and Parents and Children and Publications about Intersex and Transgender issues.

Click here for these resources, for specific policy statements regarding LGBTQ concerns and Answers to Your Questions For a Better Understanding of Sexual Orientation & Homosexuality

The website for American Psychological Association's Committee for LGBT Concerns also has important information.

Here is more helpful information:

A Fact Sheet on Same-Sex Marriage from the National Association of Social Workers
Information on Lesbian & Gay Parenting from the American Psychological Association

Other LGBTQ-affirming psychotherapists organizations: (Bay Area) (Kansas City) (New York City) (New York State) (Los Angeles/Southern California)
LGBTIA Healthcare Guild - Providing healthcare resources for the entire LGBTQIA community.

*From Morrow, S. L., & Beckstead, A. L. (2004). Conversion therapies for same-sex attracted clients in religious conflict: Context, predisposing factors, experiences, and implications for therapy. The Counseling Psychologist, 32, 641 – 650.

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In addition to meeting monthly, we maintain an active email list serve for sharing information, networking, and discussing referral options. Quarterly, we send out an updated Referral Guide for members. Click here to join the Guild.

Please click here to access the Directory of LGBTQ-affirmative Psychotherapists we publish for this website.

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Leadership Collective

Since its inception in 2004, the Guild has evolved as a grassroots participatory organization. To maintain that organizational culture, we encourage members to participate actively in all aspects of promoting the Guild's mission.

The Guild has no paid staff and all our operating expenses are funded solely from annual membership dues. Administrative and program matters for the Guild are managed by a volunteer Leadership Collective. As much as possible from our available pool of members, we seek for our leadership to reflect our commitment to cultural diversity.

The Leadership Collective is structured in a decentralized manner to maintain the various aspects of our organizational needs. A brief description of our structure is included below, you can click on any name for biography information on the individual.

Leadership Council: This body – our effort to maintain a Board of Directors "with a heart and a conscience" - coordinates the administrative and program planning needs for the Guild. The current Leadership Council is comprised of: Chris Davids,Tamarra Evans-Sluga, Colleen Kuhn, Candice Metzler, Kara Posner, Ken Roach, Jim Struve, and Jake VanEpps. Click for all bios.

Organizational Coordinator: This person oversees the coordination of all organizational activities, facilitates the Leadership Council, and represents the "public face" of the Guild. Jim Struve is the current Organizational Coordinator.

Fiscal Operations Coordinator: This person manages the financial business of the Guild, serving as the day-to-day treasurer. Shar Wood is the current Fiscal Operations Coordinator.

Membership Coordinator: This person communicates with members, helps them with renewals and membership questions. Ken Roach is the current Membership Coordinator. Tamarra Evan-Sluga assists with these duties.

Webmaster & Social Media Manager: This person oversees all activities necessary to maintain the Guild's website and blog. They also manage social media and event postings to the community. Shar Wood is the current Webmaster & Social Media Manager.

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Membership to the Guild is open to licensed mental health professionals and students in clinical training.

Members receive regularly updated information about LGBTQ-affirming events, workshops, and resources, and access to monthly free continuing education workshops (CEU's). We also have an online directory of LGBTQ-affirmative therapists as a resource for clients. This valuable resource allows clients to feel comfortable in finding a therapist who specializes in their unique needs.

The directory gets hundreds of visits a month. With far more information and flexibility than your average "doctor list" websites - our searchable directory includes not only your contact info but also your website address, insurance policies, specialties, modalities, and a description of your therapeutic approach or services. It also allows prospective clients to search for you by specialty, county, and insurance accepted.

To register as a member of the Guild and receive all benefits of membership and/OR to be listed in our searchable online resource Directory of LGBTQ-affirmative Psychotherapists we publish for this website, click here.

Our expenses during the past year included signage and materials for Winterfest and Pride Festival, business cards, permits for Pride Festival parade and booth, and design and operating expenses for the website.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Ken Roach, LCMHC, at

Yearly membership rates are:

Individual Membership, with online public directory listing = $75 ($50 listing/$25 for membership)
Individual Membership, without a web listing = $25
Limited Income/Student Membership = $10 (First year is free - enter code SCHOLAR at checkout.)

Agency Listing, with an online public directory listing = $125

Agency employees (of member agencies) can register and receive all the benefits of a full individual membership including access to free CEUs or for their own personal directory listing at a discounted rate.
Agency Employee (of a member agency) = $10
Agency Employee (of a member agency) with personal web listing = $60
Programs (within a member agency) with a separate web listing = $50

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General Bibliographies
Relationships, Intimacy and Sexuality
Resolving Sexual Orientation, Religious, & Social Conflicts
Dealing with Anti-LGBT Politics
Health & Wellness
Transgender & Intersex References
LGBT Movies
Specific for Therapists

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Free CEUS for Members

Our monthly meetings qualify for free CEUs for members, $5 fee for non members.Click here to join the Guild.

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If You Are Out of Utah

Here is a list of other LGBTQ Guild websites around the country.

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