The Guild has no paid staff and all our operating expenses are funded solely from annual membership dues. Administrative and program matters for the Guild are managed by a volunteer Leadership Collective. As much as possible from our available pool of members, we seek for our leadership to reflect our commitment to cultural diversity.

The Leadership Collective is structured in a decentralized manner to maintain the various aspects of our organizational needs. A brief description of our structure is included below.

Leadership Collective

This body – our effort to maintain a Board of Directors "with a heart and a conscience" - coordinates the administrative and program planning needs for the Guild. The current Leadership Council is comprised of: Josh Bytendorp, Tamarra Evans-Sluga, Candice Metzler, Kara Posner, Ken Roach, Deanna Rosen, Jim Struve, Diana Thomas, and Jake VanEpps. Two additional members are not on the LC but serve valuable roles in helping the organization.

Jim Struve, LCSW
Organizational Coordinator: Jim Struve, LCSW

Jim maintains a private practice in Salt Lake City. He is one of the founding members of the Guild and has been Coordinator since 2004. In addition to his work with the Guild, Jim is also a founding member of MaleSurvivor.org and is the Manager for the Weekends of Recovery retreat program for male survivors of sexual trauma. Jim has been a member of the Reconciliation and Growth Project since its formation in 2013. Visit Jim's Website

Ken Roach, LCMHC
Membership Coordinator: Ken Roach, LCMHC

Ken is the clinic director / clinical specialist at the University of Phoenix. As clinic director, he supervises the outpatient mental health clinic where CMHC students complete some of their clinical training. As clinical specialist, Ken is responsible for overseeing the practicum/internship experiences of all CMHC and school counseling students. Ken maintains small practices in Pleasant Grove and Holladay, and has been on the Guild Leadership Committee since 2012. Visit Ken's Website

Chris Davids PhD
Chris Davids, PhD, LP

Chris is an assistant professor of psychology at Westminster College and also maintains a private practice. He received his Ph.D. in counseling psychology from the University of Missouri-Kansas City, where he was involved in the leadership of the Kansas City LGBT Therapist Guild. Chris is also on the board of the Society for the Psychological Study of LGBT Issues and the Society of Counseling Psychology's Section on LGBT Issues. In addition to teaching and providing therapy services, Chris conducts feminist-oriented research on sexual objectification, gender, and body image. Visit Chris's website

Colleen M Kuhn PhD
Colleen M. Kuhn, Ph.D.

Colleen is a clinical child and adolescent psychologist and has been in private practice for eight years. She founded One Haven, PLLC and was formerly the clinical director of the Mothers and Children's program at Cornerstone Counseling Center. Colleen is also adjunct faculty at the University of Utah and supervises doctoral students in the Counseling Psychology program. Colleen's clinical work includes transgender youth, gender and sexual identity questioning youth, youth with depression, anxiety, ADHD, and youth with attachment difficulties. Lastly, Colleen is an animal activist and avid canyoneer. Visit Colleen's Website

Candice Metzler
Candice Metzler, LCSW

Candice is a Doctoral candidate at the University of Utah's College of Social Work. Her area of research is clinical practice with LGBTQI populations. Candice is the Executive Director of Transgender Education Advocates (TEA) of Utah. She is a Clinical Social Worker in the College of Social Work Bridge Training Clinic and the Utah Pride Center. Candice has worked with transgender, gender nonconforming, and gender questioning youth and young adults for more than 5 years through group facilitation, community support, and program development. She is consultant and public educator and has guest lectured on college and university campuses throughout Utah.

Kara Posner CMHC
Kara Posner, CMHC

Kara received her Master's degree in counseling psychology from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She practiced privately in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington, DC and provided counseling services for the University of California, Washington, DC campus before moving to Utah in 2011. She is honored to be serving on the Guild's Leadership Collective. Visit Kara's Website

Shar Wood Webmaster & Social Media Manager
Treasurer, Webmaster & Social Media Manager - Shar Wood

Shar has been designing and maintaining websites and managing social media for 10+ years. She created and manages the Guild public website, the membership site, and posts events and items of interest on our Facebook page. She has also created and manages websites for several Guild members. Visit Shar's Website

Jake Van Epps PhD
Jake Van Epps, Ph.D

Jake is in private practice at an integrative health clinic in Salt Lake City called the Center for MindBody Health. Jake also is an adjunct instructor in the graduate program held within the Department of Educational Psychology. Jake has been on the leadership committee for the LGBTQ Affirmative Therapist Guild of Utah since 2014. Visit Jake's Website